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It is always tough when your son or daughter leaves home, even if it’s to study. You know it is best for their future and education, but it is a big change. At AMRO Estudiantes, we are fully aware of this big new step and we want to support you and help you throughout the process. The first thing to do is to make sure your child is going to feel almost at home, but with friends. A room with privacy, a study area, a spacious, comfortable mattress and its own bathroom.

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Staff that are thinking about the residents’ welfare 24 hours a day. They help them solve their problems and enjoy their achievements as if they were their own. For our staff, the students are part of their wider family.

In addition, our student residences in Seville, Pamplona, Getafe, Porto, Salamanca and Valencia are a place to rest and study, but they are also designed to contribute to this new experience thanks to their privileged location.

Close to the main campuses and the city centre, students have access to all transport services and leisure areas. You can get to most faculties on foot or, if you prefer, by public transport.

We take care of every detail to make sure our residents can live in a comfortable environment. This involves weekly room cleaning with the changing of sheets and towels, laundry service with washing machines, dryers and ironing areas, maintenance and refurbishment of common areas with specialised staff for anything you might need.

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In addition, we pay special attention to meals. We design healthy weekly menus for residents receiving half or full board. We also have a vending machine with a wide range of healthy snacks. Because we understand that a good diet is crucial to academic performance.

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Most of the services are included in the final price of the rooms, thus avoiding extra expenses. There are no surprises at the end of the month, as can happen with apartment rentals. Water, heating and electricity are included.

90% of our residents choose us for our facilities. Video game rooms or cinema and gym, green areas, swimming pool, etc. Not to mention the rooms, all of them equipped with modern furniture, rest and study areas, their own bathrooms, Wi-Fi, etc.

A varied and balanced offer between those seeking more privacy and those who prefer to share a room. Our goal is to provide the very best to those who trust us during their university experience. Many of our residents’ parents know us as “the luxury study hotel”.

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At AMRO Estudiantes, we ensure the well-being of our residents through a comprehensive security service. At our university residences, we have a reception service available throughout the day to help you with any issues, as well as 24×7 surveillance system to guarantee your privacy and security.

It is a closed circuit with cameras located in the vicinity, except in private areas such as bedrooms, bathrooms, changing rooms, etc.

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Residents can also check-in and check-out at any time, because we also want them to enjoy the cultural offer of Valencia, the monuments of Pamplona, Madrid, Salamanca , Porto  and the atmosphere of Seville.

Restaurants, museums, theatres and more to network with fellow students from around the world. A multicultural experience that contributes to the exchange of values. Come and meet us! We are waiting for you.