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Most of our residents are students who have moved to a new city to begin a new stage in their lives at university. So, people like you.

At AMRO Estudiantes, we know that one of people’s biggest fears when leaving home is whether they will make cool new friends. This uncertainty, believe us, will disappear in the first few days.

At all the AMRO Estudiantes residences – Valencia ,Porto, Getafe , Pamplona , Salamanca and Seville -, we do all we can to help you find the right people for you.


AMRO Life is our programme of activities to help you to get to know new people and the wonderful city in which you will spend the next few years. We organise unique events such as the Christmas dinner or the spring party, which is our residents’ favourite. (Maybe because it is a chance to dress up, or perhaps because spring makes people more lively).


But don’t think that everything is going to be a party; sport is what really brings us together. A fun way to enjoy time at the residence with weekly events such as football tournaments or padel, and other more special events

In your day to day, common areas such as the dining room, sports facilities and leisure rooms are the ideal place to create the best connections.

Sometimes, there are also coincidences; for example, a future classmate could be housed in the residence. At AMRO, we always assign rooms according to degree programmes.

This allows you to start getting familiar with them even before you start classes.
But regardless of this, you will be sharing a space with people who are in the same situation as you, who also want to make friends, paint the town red and have a great time.

In Valencia and Seville, you will find 2nd and 3rd year students who have already gone through the whole experience and will be your steadfast allies… In Porto, Getafe and Pamplona, you will be among the first to try the residence, and next year it will be you helping the new residents.

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University is an unforgettable time in any student’s academic career. And not only as regards studying, but also because of the possibility of meeting new classmates.

Many of the residents with whom you will share meals, activities and, ultimately, your life, will become your family away from home. These friendships are consolidated very quickly and will probably be friendships you treasure for life.

Our student residences in Seville, Porto, Salamanca, Getafe, Pamplona and Valencia offer the best environment in which to study, close to the key points of the city and a place to make new friends. In fact, friendship is one of the many subjects that our residents pass with flying colours. In short, it is a unique opportunity to meet people of all nationalities and cultures, and make great friends. Come and meet us!