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    Rua do Conde de Campo Bello 260, 4200-603 Porto, Portugal

    Metro station Polo Universitario

    🚶‍♂️ 5 min , 🚲 3 min ; 🚌 7 min

    Bus stop Carlos Amarante

    🚶‍♂️ 6 min, 🚲 3 min

    Bus stop ISEP/AGRA

    🚶‍♂️ 4 min

    Stop Almeida Valente

    🚶‍♂️ 5 min

    Fernando Pessoa University

    🚶‍♂️ 5 min , 🚲 1 min, 🚗 1 min


    🚶‍♂️9 min, 🚗 5 min, 🚲 4 min


    Faculty of Economics (FEP)

    🚶‍♂️15 min; 🚗 4 min; 🚌 12 min; 🚲 5 min


    Faculty of Engineering (FEUP)

    🚶‍♂️17 min; 🚗 5 min; 🚌 12 min; 🚲 5 min


    Faculty of Sport (FADEUP)

    🚶‍♂️17 min; 🚗 6 min; 🚌 13 min; 🚲 6 min


    Faculty of Medicine (FMUP)

    🚶‍♂️ 26 min; 🚗 6 min; 🚌 22 min; 🚲 9 min


    Faculty of Psychology and Health Sciences

    🚶‍♂️10 min, 🚗 3 min; 🚌 11 min; 🚲 3 min


    Portucalense University

    🚶‍♂️13 min; 🚗 7 min; 🚌 12 min; 🚲 6 min


    School of Nursing of Porto

    🚶‍♂️ 15 min; 🚗 7 min; 🚌 14 min; 🚲 10 min

    Pingo Doce Ameal

    🚶‍♂️ 10 min, 🚗 5 min; 🚌 9 min; 🚲 4 min


    Continente Bom dia Amial

    🚶‍♂️ 14 min, 🚗 6 min; 🚌 10 min; 🚲 5 min


    Froiz supermarket

    🚶‍♂️ 13 min, 🚗 7 min; 🚌 12 min; 🚲 7 min

    VCI Pharmacy

    🚶‍♂️ 6 min; 🚗 4 min; 🚌 5 min; 🚲 2 min


    Hospital São João

    🚶‍♂️15 min, 🚗 8 min; 🚌 22 min; 🚲 8 min


    Arca de Água Health Centre

    🚶‍♂️ 11 min, 🚗 4 min; 🚌 10 min; 🚲 3 min


    Hospital CUF

    🚶‍♂️ 11 min, 🚗 38 min; 🚲 22 min

    Discover AMRO Porto!

    The new AMRO residence in Portugal’s most bohemian city

    Everyone falls in love with Porto… especially students who spend their university years here. Perhaps it is the architecture of its buildings, its history, its low prices, its wonderful food or the atmosphere of its streets and terraces.

    We don’t think it’s any one single thing; it is a little of everything that makes Porto one of Europe’s best and most attractive cities to live in.

    If you go to University in Portugal and you have chosen Porto, Amro Estudiantes offers you full accommodation and will take care of all your day-to-day needs. he new AMRO residence has 121 rooms, and these include many different types: Studio, double studio, studio with a terrace, twodio, twodio with a terrace… All of them have a kitchen, offering maximum comfort in the same space.

    Among the common areas available for your use and enjoyment, you will find a gym, equipped with high-tech machines, which will allow you to exercise without leaving home.

    Our residences include areas designed for study and leisure, where students can spend hours and hours making friends, studying and having fun.

    For example, a large lounge with billiards and table tennis, large sofas and rest areas, as well as study rooms to study for exams and work on projects.

    The epicentre of university life

    Porto is a university city par excellence, with dozens of universities, study centres and faculties scattered throughout the city. It is also a highly sought-after destination for Erasmus + and international exchange programmes

    Our residence is located a few steps from Universidade Fernando Pessoa, as well as Escola Superior de Saude do Politecnico do Porto, and Universidade Portucalense.

    It is located between the Jardim de Arca d’Água, the Bairro do Amial and the neighbourhood of Outeiro, an area where you will find some of the main faculties of Universidade do Porto: the Faculties of Sport, Psychology, Medicine, Economics and Dentistry, among others.

    With so many public and private university faculties, a great many foreign students take part in exchange programmes every year, while Portuguese students come to study in Porto from other parts of Portugal.

    In the area, easily accessible by metro and bus, you will find parks, supermarkets, bars and restaurants, as well as sports centres and other entertainment options.

    A view of the city

    Porto is known for its beautiful roofs and low buildings. From each viewpoint or high building, you will be able to admire the city’s roofs and stunning views.

    Our residence has a panoramic view of Porto, which can be enjoyed from the roof terrace. Like our other residences, this space is designed to enjoy the outdoors, weather permitting, with activities organised by our #AmroLife programme. It is also a space with loungers, tables and large spaces where you can spend time with friends, or relax and study while sunbathing.

    Many of the rooms are attic rooms with private terraces. so that you can also enjoy the city in the peace and quiet of your own space. Not everyone is lucky enough to appreciate the city of Porto in the tranquillity of a rooftop, and you will be able to do so every day!