A modern, new student residence in Porto

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Common areas to suit everyone

If anything characterises AMRO’s university residences—and Porto is no exception—it is their wide range of common areas, which are fine-tuned to the needs and tastes of students. Although these tastes can be very diverse, some things are enjoyed by all young university students when they live under the same roof. For example, a swimming pool; a gym, to keep fit and clear the mind; study rooms to work on projects and study for exams in a suitable environment; a dining room; and a leisure and gaming area for having fun and spending time together.

There is also no lack of open and outdoor areas, a major advantage of Porto, a pleasant area with little in the way of noise, traffic or pollution. Hence, the AMRO Porto student residence has green areas, internal courtyards, and ample parking for a variety of vehicles.


Thanks to the privacy provided by the rooms, whatever their characteristics, and the study room, students staying at the Porto residence can expect an academic year full of success. Thanks to the coexistence with other people in the same situation, the ease when it comes to asking for help, and the proximity of other people in education, day-to-day work and tasks will not be a problem for any of the residents.

In addition, whenever they want to disconnect, catch their breath, or simply celebrate good news, there are many options available at the resort. A game of table tennis or a bet on pool; there is no better way to start the weekend. This is especially the case for students who are at an age to explore, meet people, go to parties and have a great time in Porto.

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