Let’s be honest here: If you are in Granada and you spend most of your time indoor, you probably do Granada wrong. As the nightlife here in Granada is so vibrant and bustled, it is so tempting to be out every night (trust me I know what I am talking about). However, since there are too many places that you can go to, here are some of my personal recommendations that might help you to have a perfect night out 😉

Step 1: Getting tipsy

There are so many way to prepare yourself for a party, but the most important thing is “don’t get hammered…just yet”. You can have your drink at home, go to tapas bar, going to a Bottelón or if you are in a hurry, go straight to Chupiteria 69 and get some shots (no matter what other people suggest, just don’t order the shot number 28).

Step 2: Finding a pub/bar/club

Granada is jam-packed with pubs/clubs, so make a decision where to go to can be quite difficult. To simplify that thought process, here are some of my personal recommendations. Just one quick note, as it’s Spain we are talking about, so these places only start to be filled up at around 2am.

Pub Legend

Legend might not the biggest pub, but I’m sure it can be hella fun. The pub consists of 2 floors: On the top floor, the music is softer, mainly used for drinking and relaxing after dancing constantly; On the bottom floor, there is a DJ playing rather dancy music, so take your chance and work that dance floor. Drinks are not that expensive, so you do not have to worry about suddenly getting sober during the night. In my experience, Legend is good to go to any day of the week.

La Sal

So, you’re a group of girls that badly want to dance like no one is looking, but you are worried that some creepy guys will start to randomly grind on you? Or you’re a few guy that got tired of buying drinks for others but have never received any? Look no further, La Sal is perfect for you, no matter if you are defined as gay, straight, helicopter, etc. The music playing is mainly pop, so it’s extremely easy to dance and lip-sync to.

Mae West

Mae West is one of the more famous clubs in Granada. The club itself is gorgeous, and its location is quite central. However, the music is rather generic and can be repetitive from time to time. I personally only go there if I have goof companies, as the vibe of the club can be rather wannabe and pretentious. Despite of being a hit-or-miss, give it a go when you have a chance to.In order to be there at the right time, keep your eye on their events on Facebook.

Booga Club

Are you tired of listening to mainstream music every single time you’re out? Funk is the most played music here, and combining with the spacious dance floor, it can’t get better than that. There is an entrance fee, but for a fresh breath of air such as Boogie, it’s totally worth it in my opinion. Personally I would be there toward the weekend.

Step 3: After party

And there are you, leaving the party, hungry as usual. Thank to the almighty, kebabs can be bought all around Granada throughout the night, especially on Pedro Antonio de Alarcón street. Furthermore, if you are getting too shitfaced, don’t be hesitant and just hop on a taxi. The taxi fee here in Granada is not that expensive, and by doing so, you can guarantee to get back to your bed safe and sound.